About NAVBO:

Since 1994, the North American Vascular Biology Organization (NAVBO) has provided a forum for vascular biologists who are either in the traditional basic science disciplines (structural/molecular biology, cell biology, physiology) or studying the pathogenesis and treatment of human disease in disciplines such as medicine, pathology, surgery.  NAVBO's membership is a mixture of scientists with different backgrounds and thus inherently different viewpoints on the same scientific problems.  This makes for lively discussions and mutual education at our meetings and workshops.  NAVBO provides the opportunity to communicate with a diverse cross-section of colleagues enhancing this discovery process, which will facilitate rapid translation into practical remedies.

Mission Statement:

The mission of NAVBO is to promote the study of vascular biology.  The purpose of the society is to provide a forum whereby members disseminate and share knowledge related to the scientific field of vascular biology, to ensure the translation of knowledge from basic science to clinical practice. NAVBO supports and organizes meetings and workshops, and maintains this website linking the vascular biology community.

Members’ Research:

The research of NAVBO members covers the breadth of vascular biology.  Many focus on development, regeneration, endothelial and smooth muscle cell biology, stem/progenitor cells, cell signaling, vascular remodeling in disease, bioengineering, vascular matrix biology, inflammation, atherosclerosis, hypertension, endothelial-leukocyte interactions, vessel calcification - plus much, much more.


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