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Single Cell Analysis Course


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - Single Cell Analysis

lWhen: June 30 - July 13, 2017

Where:  Cold Spribg Harbor Laboratory
              Meetings and Courses Program
              Cold Spring Harbor, NY

Website:   https://meetings.cshl.edu/courses.aspx?course=C-SINGLE&year=17

Application Deadline: March 31, 2017
David Chenoweth, University of Pennsylvania
Michael McConnell, University of Virginia School of Medicine
Gene Yeo, University of California, San Diego
Olga Botvinnik, University of California San Diego
Assistants: tba

See the roll of honor - who's taken the course in the past

The goal of this two-week course is to familiarize students with cutting-edge technologies for characterization of single cells. Modules of the course will be taught by scientists with expertise in distinct areas of single cell analysis. Topics to be covered include quantitative single cell analysis by RNAseq, genomic DNA analysis, proteomics, and metabolomics. Multiple nucleic amplification methodologies including droplet-based RNAseq, MALBAC and MDA will be employed. In addition, students will be instructed in basic bioinformatic analysis of next generation sequencing data.

  • Single cell genome, transcriptome, and proteome measurement
  • Introductory next generation sequencing data analysis
  • Photoactivatable single cell probes
  • Single cell mass spectrometry / Soft X-ray tomography
Speakers and Module Leaders in 2017 include:
Nancy Allbritton, University of North Carolina
Lacramioara Bintu, Stanford University
Jim Eberwine, University of Pennsylvania
Amy Herr, University of California Berkeley
Carolyn Larabell, University of California, San Francisco
Elena Romanova, University of Illinois
Stas Rubakhin, University of Illinois
Rickard Sandberg, Karolinska Institute, Sweden
Carsten Schultz, Oregon Health & Science University
Peter Sims, Columbia University
Nick Trotta, Cell Microsystems
Xiaowei Zhang, Harvard University