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Vasculata 2020

As much as we would like to go forward with our Vasculata course, current events have driven our decision to postpone it. With campuses closed across the globe, organizers and attendees alike, will not have time to prepare effectively for the early July dates. Vasculata 2020 will be presented as Vasculata 2021 and be held in Boston, organized by Guillermo García-Cardeña, with dates to be determined. 

LogoVasculata 2021

Date to be determined 

Campus of Harvard Medical School and Affiliated Hospitals

Guillermo Garcia-Carena, Mary Wallingford, Timothy Hla and Hong Chen

Vasculata™ 2021 will be an intense 3-day course introducing the basics of cardiovascular biology and pathology with an emphasis on new approaches to better understand and treat cardiovascular disease. Vasculata will combine a self-study program and seminars from leaders in the field with optional hands-on workshops, thus providing attendees with a unique learning experience.

Vasculata will feature:

  • poster sessions
  • network with peers
  • network with faculty
  • career development
  • affordable registration
  • hands-on workshops
  • scholarships
  • affordable housing

Scholarships will be available