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Vasculata 2021

Vasculata 2021

July 13-15 

This meeting will be a virtual event

Guillermo Garcia-Cardena, Mary Wallingford, Timothy Hla and Hong Chen

Vasculata™ 2021 will be an intense 3-day course introducing the basics of cardiovascular biology and pathology with an emphasis on new approaches to better understand and treat cardiovascular disease. Vasculata will combine a self-study program and seminars from leaders in the field with optional hands-on workshops, thus providing attendees with a unique learning experience.

Vasculata will feature:

  • lectures by reknowned experts
  • poster sessions
  • network with peers
  • network with faculty
  • career development
  • affordable registration



Pilar Alcaide, PhD, Tufts University School of Medicine
Rui Benedito, PhD, CNIC
Laura Benjamin, PhD, OncXerna
Joyce Bischoff, PhD, Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Hong Chen, PhD, Harvard Medical School/Boston Children’s Hospital
Guilherme Costa, PhD, Queen’s University of Belfast
Robert D’Amato, MD, PhD, Children's Hospital
Patricia D’Amore, PhD, Schepens Eye Research Inst of Mass Eye and Ear/ Harvard Medical School
Harold Dvorak, MD, Beth Israel Deaconess Med Center
Christiane Ferran, MD, PhD, Harvard Medical School
Michael A. Gimbrone Jr., MD, Harvard Medical School/Brigham & Women's Hospital
Chenghua Gu, PhD, Harvard Medical School
Tim Hla, PhD, Boston Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Rakesh Jain, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital
Nathan Lawson, PhD, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Robert Lefkowitz, MD, Duke University School of Medicine
Peter Libby, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital
F. William Luscinskas, PhD, Brigham & Women's Hospital
Juan Melero-Martin, PhD, Boston Children's Hospital
Marsha Moses, PhD, Harvard Medical School
Mary Wallingford, PhD, Tufts Medical Center