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Vascular Biology 2020 - A Virtual Experience!

October 26-29, 2020 | Virtual Event

VB2020 LogoSmallerForWebsiteHighlights:
Biology of Signaling in the Cardiovascular System and Vascular Inflammation Workshop; Keynote Lectures by Jonathan Kipnis and Maiken Nedergaard; Pre-Conference Meeting for and organized by trainees; Springer Junior Investigator Award Lecture; Joint symposia; ePosters; Exhibits; Round Table discussions; Meet the Professor; Poster Discussions; Evening Sessions  Go to the meeting web site

Inflammatory cells in a healing wound (red and blue). The green cells have undergone apoptsis. Mouse skin.
Maria Febbraio Lab, University of Alberta
Keratinized mouse skin.
Maria Febbraio Lab, University of Alberta
Inflammatory cells (blue) entering a mouse skin wound near to a blood vessel. Apoptotic cells are stained green.
Maria Febbraio Lab, University of Alberta
Human endothelial cells exposed to BMP sprouting in fibrin matrix. Actin cytoskeleton in depth encoded colors.
Lauren Saunders (Bautch Lab)


Drs. D'Amore, Red-Horse and Chen
2020 Meritorious Awards


Teresa Sanchez, Ph.D.
Weill Cornell Medicine

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