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Development/Genetics Schedule

Developmental Vascular Biology and Genetics Workshop VII


Monday, October 16, 8:30am - Vascular Progenitors

Vessel development in zebrafish
Didier Stainier, Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research
  Developmental mechanisms and origins of coronary arteries
Bin Zhou, Albert Einstein School of Medicine
  Two Abstract Presentations

Coffee break from 10:00 to 10:30am

Monday, October 16, 10:30am - Vascular Cell Biology

New Roles for BMP Signaling in Angiogenesis
Victoria Bautch, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  Endothelial dynamics in vascular remodeling
Holger Gerhardt, Max-Delbrueck-Center for Molecular Medicine
  Two Abstract Presentations

Lunch 12:00-1:30pm

Monday, October 16, 2:00pm - Coronary Vascular Development

Growth and patterning of coronary vessels
Kristy Red-Horse, Stanford University
  Developmental programming of the cardiac lymphatics towards immunomodulation and improved heart repair
Paul Riley, Oxford University

Four Abstract Presentations

Dinner from 6:00 to 7:00pm

Tuesday, October 17, 8:30am - Transcriptional Control/Gene Regulation

Identification and characterization of injury and regeneration-responsive endocardial enhancer elements
Brian Black, University of California, San Francisco
Untangling the regulatory pathways controlling vascular differentiation
Sarah De Val, Oxford University
Two Abstract Presentations

Coffee break - 10:00-10:30am

Tuesday, October 17, 10:30am - Vascular Signaling

Regulation of vascular morphogenesis
Brant Weinstein, NICHD/NIH
  Hemodynamic control of vascular development
Mark Kahn, University of Pennsylvania
  A rap song about vascular cell adhesion
Mark Ginsberg, University of California, San Diego
  One Abstract Presentation

Lunch from 12:15 to 1:30pm

Wednesday, October 18, 8:30am - Lymphatic Development

Building lymphatic vessels in vertebrates: Insights from zebrafish
Karina Yaniv, Weizmann Institute
  Transcriptional control of valve development in the lymphatic vasculature
Natasha Harvey, University of South Australia
  Two Abstract Presentations

Wednesday, October 18, 10:30am - Vascular Heterogeneity

Guidance of vascular patterning
Anne Eichmann, Yale University
  Vessel heterogeneity and generation of vascular niches in bone
Ralf H. Adams, Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine
  Two Abstract Presentations

Thursday, October 19, 8:30am - Special Joint Session: Engineering Vascular Morphogenesis

GTPase regulation of actomyosin during blood vessel tubulogenesis
Ondine Cleaver, UT Southwestern Medical Center
  Leveraging Instructive Cues from the ECM to Direct Tissue Development
Jean Schwarzbauer, Princeton University
  Vascular Smooth Muscle: A Developmental Mosaic
Mark Majesky, University of Washington
  Six Abstract Presentations

 Session concludes at 12:00pm